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Thank You for a GREAT 2016!!!

It has been an AMAZING ride!! I wanted to start this year of by addressing what is of the utmost importance......YOU!!  I want to thank you for helping make 2016 a fantastic year.  I've had an absolute blast learning what I have about how to be a better photographer, a better content creator, and a better communicator. I'm honored to have been chosen to be the pho[...]

5 Tips to Make Your Portraits Stand Out

Any photographer that has even the smallest interest in improving their skills will attest to having the rules of composition beaten into their heads.  These rules are the foundation of what makes a good image good.  Portraiture is no different.  However, living within the boundaries of those rules can be a hurdle when trying to make your portraits stand out. It’s [...]

National Geographic's Best Photos of 2016

The Best of the Best.... While December is always a fun time of the year due to the holiday season, it is also a fun time of the year for photography.  Most of the photography websites review the images from the year and weed out their favorites. While it's an honor to reach anyone's "Top of the Year" list, National Geographic tends to be one of the most well-resp[...]

Make Your Business Headshots Stand Out......

In today's social media driven world, taking a traditional head-and-shoulders headshot just doesn't cut it anymore.  One of the things you can do to make your business stand out from the rest is to make your business headshots stand out from the rest!  You are your most powerful marketing tool so why not make your headshots unique and custom fit to your brand. Let yo[...]