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5 Sure Fire Ways to Get Kids to Smile for Pictures.....

We are slowly easing towards warmer weather so kids and parents are ready for some outdoor activities.  Since everybody has some form of camera at the ready, I figured it would be fitting to provide you with some tips to get those natural looking smiles from your kids.  Keep in mind that these tips for smiling kids tend to work on younger kids.  If you're looking to g[...]

10 Tips for Taking Stunning Portraits

As I've stated before, I don't believe in reinventing the wheel.  When I find a blog post that I think will help others and has spot on information, I'll certainly share it.  This week, I'm going to share a post from the Digital Photography School blog.  The author of this post, Darren Rowse, has a gazillion blog posts with a wealth of information.  If you're interest[...]

5 Tips to Make Your Portraits Stand Out

Any photographer that has even the smallest interest in improving their skills will attest to having the rules of composition beaten into their heads.  These rules are the foundation of what makes a good image good.  Portraiture is no different.  However, living within the boundaries of those rules can be a hurdle when trying to make your portraits stand out. It’s [...]

Kevin and Amanda's Baby Announcement......

Honored to help announce one of their most important moments.... I had the privilege of photographing Kevin and Amanda Sell's baby announcement pictures.  I'm always honored when close friends ask me to shoot important moments in their lives. . Kevin and I go back over a decade.  During their shoot, I couldn't help but think back to the first time Kevin and I met.[...]