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How to drastically improve your photography....

Contrary to popular belief, taking great photos really isn’t about having a nice camera. A nice camera may help make the process a bit easier, however, I’m a firm believer that good photography is about 10% camera and 90% creativity of the person behind the camera.  To really improve your photography, you have to be able to think creatively and maximize the potential [...]

5 hurdles aspiring professional photographers must overcome......

  I've been heavily involved in photography for a number of years now and with that experience comes a few things I've noticed throughout the industry.  As I peruse the photography forums and talk to photographers that are interested in doing this for a living, there seems to be this recurring theme that I hear.  There is a hurdle or two we need to get past be[...]

5 Brutal Truths About Photography

  Photography is a booming hobby that is practiced by uncountable numbers across the world.  With the ability to take high quality images with our cell phones and easily obtainable point-and-shoot cameras, photography's popularity is really no surprise.  Unfortunately, all the hype that surrounds photography doesn't mean that it's all roses.  There is certainl[...]

5 Great Sites to Help You Learn Photography

  If you've followed my Instagram page lately, you've probably noticed that I've been making quite a few posts geared towards helping people learn photography.  This weeks blog post will keep that same theme. There is an overwhelming amount of information out there for a beginner to consume, so when faced with that mountain of information, it's hard to real[...]

4 Easy Tips to Help Photographers ROCK a Professional Headshot

These days, headshots are a critical piece of the puzzle for a strong professional social-media presence.  A well-done, professional headshot can be the first step in standing out from the crowd.  I believe making that happen is 100% the responsibility  of the photographer. A GOOD professional photographer will know how to get someone to relax in front of the camer[...]

5 Tips to Help You Take Sharper Photos.....

This week's blog post will help everybody regardless of whether your camera is a DSLR or a iPhone.  We've all come across posts (or profile pictures) on Facebook or Instagram that could be drastically improved by a bit less fuzziness.  These five tips will have you well on your way to sharper photos. I'm not saying that from hence forth, you will take tack sharp pi[...]

5 Sure Fire Ways to Get Kids to Smile for Pictures.....

We are slowly easing towards warmer weather so kids and parents are ready for some outdoor activities.  Since everybody has some form of camera at the ready, I figured it would be fitting to provide you with some tips to get those natural looking smiles from your kids.  Keep in mind that these tips for smiling kids tend to work on younger kids.  If you're looking to g[...]

5 of the Most Common Photography Questions Answered

Photographers get bombarded with questions on a regular basis.  This week, we'll answer a few of the most common ones. How Do I Get the Background Blurry?  You just took the perfect portrait of your 10 year old daughter, but looming in the background is a clear view of her big brother proudly mocking his sister with half a finger shoved up his nose.  Picture (and mo[...]

5 tips for cold weather photography.......

Since we are tightly nestled into winter's grasp, I thought now would be a good time to help my fellow photographers prep for some unavoidable cold weather photography.  If you thought that you could just grab your camera and just run outside and knock a photo shoot out of the park, you might be in for a surprise. Here are a few tips for shooting in cold weather that [...]

5 Top Photogenic Locations in Milwaukee

The location you choose for your photo shoot can be just as important as the photographer you choose.  The location can help to set the mood, and it really helps when the location has sentimental value.  Your photo shoot will last a lifetime so why not make them a beautiful as possible.  Your photographer will usually have some great advice on beautiful locations.  Ha[...]