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4 Easy Tips to Help Photographers ROCK a Professional Headshot

These days, headshots are a critical piece of the puzzle for a strong professional social-media presence.  A well-done, professional headshot can be the first step in standing out from the crowd.  I believe making that happen is 100% the responsibility  of the photographer. A GOOD professional photographer will know how to get someone to relax in front of the camer[...]

ONE thing your professional headshot needs to say.....

What Message Does Your Headshot Give?? There truly is only one thing that you, as a professional conceptualizing your headshot, really needs to convey with your headshots.  If you go into your professional headshot shoot with this in mind, you can knock your shoot out of the park.  If your photographer doesn't realize that this one thing is your goal, you need to do [...]

Make Your Business Headshots Stand Out......

In today's social media driven world, taking a traditional head-and-shoulders headshot just doesn't cut it anymore.  One of the things you can do to make your business stand out from the rest is to make your business headshots stand out from the rest!  You are your most powerful marketing tool so why not make your headshots unique and custom fit to your brand. Let yo[...]