What Message Does Your Headshot Give??

There truly is only one thing that you, as a professional conceptualizing your headshot, really needs to convey with your headshots.  If you go into your professional headshot shoot with this in mind, you can knock your shoot out of the park.  If your photographer doesn’t realize that this one thing is your goal, you need to do one thing:  WALK AWAY.  That one thing is MARKETABILITY.

The goal of your headshot isn’t to take the cutest picture in the world.  The goal is to sell yourself without using words.  If you want to be considered a serious professional, looking the part is a part of the process.  A professional headshot shows that you take your career seriously.

A professional headshot also makes you stand out from the masses.  How many times have you gotten a “blah” looking business card from someone wanting your business?  Did you give that person a call?  Did you even remember them after the initial contact?  Probably not.  Like a good business card, a strong, memorable headshot means you have a much better chance of having your phone ring with people who remember interacting with you.

Lastly, a strong professional headshot is the foundation of your personal brand.  Your headshot can help make or break your brand’s reputation so why not invest in the strongest reputation you can for your brand?

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