The Best of the Best….

While December is always a fun time of the year due to the holiday season, it is also a fun time of the year for photography.  Most of the photography websites review the images from the year and weed out their favorites.

While it’s an honor to reach anyone’s “Top of the Year” list, National Geographic tends to be one of the most well-respected and honored platforms to be featured on.  Nat Geo recently released their Best 52 Photos of 2016, which is curated from 91 photographers, 107 stories, and 2,290,225 photographs.

National Geographic is very unique in their way of not only displaying beautifully powerful images but including brief, but equally powerful, write-ups about each image.  One minute, you’re marveling at the astounding beauty this planet has to offer such as this image of  Athena Pronaia at Delphi.

Photo by: Vincent J. Musi

The next minute, Nat Geo punches you right in the heart with heart-wrenching reminders of how ugly we as humans can be.  Graphic Content ahead.

The displays of majestic beauty along with the reminders of the eye opening realities are what keeps National Geographic at the top.

Photo by: Brian Skerry

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