Hello all and thanks for stopping by and spending some time with me this week.  First let me apologize for not posting last week.  I rarely miss blog posts so that wont be the norm.  Let’s get into how to design your website with a plan.

My last blog post was about building my website with a plan in mind.  I know my website is photography based, but this info applies to anybody who is building their own site from scratch.  If you don’t design your website with a plan and know where you want to lead your viewers, your website will definitely reflect the disorganization.

There are a few really important basic design principles that you need to employ to make sure your website will work for you:

Keep it Simple

If you can get your point across in an impactful way while keeping your site simple and easy to read, you’ve won half the battle.  Cluttered and hard to read sites won’t hold a reader’s attention for very long.  That uninterested reader will wander off to someone else’s site.

Draw Eyes to the Important Stuff

People’s eyes are naturally drawn to bold lettering and larger fonts so use that to your benefit.  Make the important info stand out so that a reader will be drawn to it and more prone to want to know more about it.

Every Page Needs a Call to Action

If a reader reaches the end of a page and there is no clear indication of what to do or where to go next, they’ll most likely leave your site.  Lets make sure that doesn’t happen.  The link or button taking them to the next place is the call to action needed.  This motivates them to take that next step.  This is the process of leading them along the path you create.

Remember that readers don’t view a website for an extended amount of time.  Make sure your site gets to the point and keeps their attention.  You want to build a desire to click on that next link or contact you for more info.

I hope this quick overview helps you take your site to the next level.  As always, thanks for stopping by!  If you found this helpful, please dont hesitate to click on the social media buttons below and share away!  I’ll see ya next week!