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Tips to Drastically Improve Your Social Media Photos

This weeks blog post is going to be a short but valuable tip.  I frequent several photography business forums and often see people posting about struggling to get their social media pictures to fit correctly.  Here is a cheat sheet that should really help simplify this process. This cheat sheet will definitely help.  Itgives you the best image dimensions for the ma[...]

5 Brutal Truths About Photography

  Photography is a booming hobby that is practiced by uncountable numbers across the world.  With the ability to take high quality images with our cell phones and easily obtainable point-and-shoot cameras, photography's popularity is really no surprise.  Unfortunately, all the hype that surrounds photography doesn't mean that it's all roses.  There is certainl[...]

5 Great Sites to Help You Learn Photography

  If you've followed my Instagram page lately, you've probably noticed that I've been making quite a few posts geared towards helping people learn photography.  This weeks blog post will keep that same theme. There is an overwhelming amount of information out there for a beginner to consume, so when faced with that mountain of information, it's hard to real[...]

5 of the Most Common Photography Questions Answered

Photographers get bombarded with questions on a regular basis.  This week, we'll answer a few of the most common ones. How Do I Get the Background Blurry?  You just took the perfect portrait of your 10 year old daughter, but looming in the background is a clear view of her big brother proudly mocking his sister with half a finger shoved up his nose.  Picture (and mo[...]

5 Tips to Make Your Portraits Stand Out

Any photographer that has even the smallest interest in improving their skills will attest to having the rules of composition beaten into their heads.  These rules are the foundation of what makes a good image good.  Portraiture is no different.  However, living within the boundaries of those rules can be a hurdle when trying to make your portraits stand out. It’s [...]

What's New in WordPress 4.7???

WordPress 4.7 was released in early December.  This is the last major update of the year and with it comes some pretty sweet improvements and fixes.  This week, we'll go over some of the major changes and fixes. For a full list and description of the changes in this new release, check this page out. Seeing that 4.7 is a major release, you'll need to manually ini[...]

SEO is CRAP……right?!?!

SEO is CRAP......right?!?!

I'll admit that I've haven't always taken SEO seriously.  I used to believe that if your website provides value as it should, you will get more and more eyes to your site.  I do still believe that but I also believe that there are certain things you can to put yourself in a better position to rank higher on Google searches. Let me begin by stating that I'm definite[...]

Design Your Website with a Plan......

Hello all and thanks for stopping by and spending some time with me this week.  First let me apologize for not posting last week.  I rarely miss blog posts so that wont be the norm.  Let's get into how to design your website with a plan. My last blog post was about building my website with a plan in mind.  I know my website is photography based, but this info appli[...]

I'm Now A Man With A Plan......

It was time for an overhaul..... Hi everybody!  It really does feel good to be writing weekly posts again.  Last week, I talked about the debut of my new website.  It's not 100 percent perfect yet but it's getting there.  I mentioned that the point of rebuilding my website and moving from Zenfolio to a Wordpress site is because you get so much more control with Wordp[...]

It's Been a While But I'm Back......

Wordpress just does it better...... I know it's been a while since I've published a blog post but I promise I haven't forgotten about you all!  I have actually been working pretty hard on a website optimization project that kept be from being able to publish blog posts.  I've switched website hosting platforms which included rebuilding my entire website.  My website [...]