Feels Like Deja Vu.....

I feel like we've been here before.  Oh yeah, that's because we have!  Yes ladies and gentlemen, your eyes do not fool you.  This is Nikki and Dave Jodat's second maternity shoot.  The first time the Jodat family was in front of my camera was back in 2014.  That was when we got together in preparation for Owen's big debut.  It's now 3 years later and Owen has a siblin[...]

Gia's Senior Portrait Shoot.....

It's that time of year where high school seniors are gearing up to knock out their last year.  They'll be getting caps and gowns in order, scheduling SAT or ACT testing, and of course, getting their senior portrait shoot done. I recently had the honor of doing a senior portrait shoot for the daughter of a long time friend of mine.  The beautiful high school senior [...]

How to drastically improve your photography....

Contrary to popular belief, taking great photos really isn’t about having a nice camera. A nice camera may help make the process a bit easier, however, I’m a firm believer that good photography is about 10% camera and 90% creativity of the person behind the camera.  To really improve your photography, you have to be able to think creatively and maximize the potential [...]

High School Seniors.....Something to Think About......

EVERYBODY deserves to look amazing in their pictures...... It's about that time when high school seniors are starting to think about knocking out their last year.  Along with that grind comes the added responsibility of taking care of the required tasks needed to actually walk out of there for the last time.  There's the ordering of the cap and gown, the dreaded [...]

A Guide to Post Processing Wedding Images

After a physically and mentally exhausting day photographing a wedding, the first thing that you want to do I relax a bit and recharge.  Taking a bit if time to get yourself back to neutral is fine, but don't get to comfortable.  The work that comes after the wedding can be just as demanding as the wedding itself.  As a wedding photographer, you'll have to come to ter[...]

How to Prep for Shooting a Wedding (Part 3)

This week's post will be the conclusion of my 3-part series on how to prepare for a wedding shoot.  In Part 1, we went over the bare minimum gear requirements needed to get the job done.  In Part 2, we went into all of the important pre-wedding aspects that a new wedding photographer would need to address such as the client consultation, scouting, and pre-wedding day [...]

How to Prep for Shooting a Wedding (Part 2)

This week's post is the second installment of my crash course on how to prepare for shooting a wedding.  The few weeks prior to the wedding day can be a very stressful time for a photographer if you are not familiar with what is needed to prepare yourself to confidently walk in and shoot a wedding.  Let me repeat one thing from last week because I do believe this is i[...]

How to Prep for Shooting a Wedding (Part 1)

If you’re looking to get into wedding photography, or have just started out in the industry, you're probably excited and terrified at the same time. Learning the ropes involves a lot of trial and error.  It's really hard to get comfortable with shooting a wedding without actually doing it a few times.  There is a flow to shooting a wedding that is impossible to [...]

What happens to your photos after the shoot?

I was having a conversation with another photographer recently and I was asked about what my workflow is after the shoot.  I’ve received this question a few times so it’s about time I answer that question in a blog post.  I think it's good for clients to have a clear understanding of my entire process, start to finish. In a perfect world, we’d be able to knock out [...]

Tips to Drastically Improve Your Social Media Photos

This weeks blog post is going to be a short but valuable tip.  I frequent several photography business forums and often see people posting about struggling to get their social media pictures to fit correctly.  Here is a cheat sheet that should really help simplify this process. This cheat sheet will definitely help.  Itgives you the best image dimensions for the ma[...]