I was having a conversation with another photographer recently and I was asked about what my workflow is after the shoot.  I’ve received this question a few times so it’s about time I answer that question in a blog post.  I think it’s good for clients to have a clear understanding of my entire process, start to finish.

In a perfect world, we’d be able to knock out the photo shoot and you’d walk out of the studio with a flash drive or a CD.  Well, unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work that way.

My first step is to go through all of the images after the shoot and get rid of the bad ones.  If I caught you mid-blink, or if I missed focus, the picture goes bye-bye.

The next step is where I batch process all of the images.  Once I figure out my exposure for a given situation, I don’t fiddle with exposure settings again.  Because of that, my exposures are constant.  That means I can color correct one image, and apply those changes to the rest of the images shot using those exposure values.  My monitor is calibrated to make sure the colors seen during processing are the exact colors you see after printing.  That is a HUGELY important step that every photographer should invest in.

Once I batch process the images for color corrections,  I go back through them and make minor tweaks.  I then make sure they’re acceptable for all of the most common photo sizes.  It’s very important that no significant parts of the image get cropped off.

Lastly, I upload the images to my website where they can be proofed and/or ordered.

This was a quick look at some of the behind the scenes action of what happens after a photo shoot.  If you’d like to inquire about having MTM Photography handle your portrait shoot, please feel free to either email me at Lekan@mtmphoto.com or call me at (414)758-1311.

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