LinkedIn is a 300 million-plus member site that is used for professional networking, brand building, hiring managers, potential clients and other interests related to the business world.  Yes, it is considered a social media site but the key word in my first sentence is PROFESSIONAL.

LinkedIn does not take profile pics lightly therefore neither should you. If your profile pic isn’t a headshot or, even worse, isn’t even of YOU, LinkedIn reserves the right to toss it.  If you get your profile pic nixed three times, you’re OUTTA THERE!!! You’ll be banned from uploading your mug ever again……seriously.

Now that I have you rethinking your profile pic choice, let me reassure you that your pic is probably safe.  LinkedIn is pretty lax about this rule.  There is a copious amount of selfie style, unprofessional, beer-sipping profile pics floating around.  While those profile pics are right at home on Facebook, Instagram, or Tinder, let me hit you with this friendly reminder:  NOBODY IS SWIPING RIGHT ON LINKEDIN!!

Linked in can have a surprising effect on your business, career move, and your reputation so I highly suggest you put some effort into your profile pic.  If you want to avoid being the object of professional ridicule, I would advise against the following profile pic blunders.

The Selfie in the Bathroom Mirror Pic

Nothing says “unprofessional” like the smug, duck-lipped, bathroom mirror selfie.  I don’t care how baller you might think you look in your Tom Ford 3-piece suit.  Do yourself a favor and hand the camera to someone else and let them take a decent pic of ya!


The Instagrammed-Out, Heavily Filtered Pic

As much as it might make your profile pic “unique”, filters are a bad idea on LinkedIn.  A potential manager doesn’t want the first thing he/she sees when they pull up your profile is your color-shifted profile pic.


The Halfway Hammered, On Vacation Pic

If you don’t even remember taking the pic because you were borderline blacked out, that a tell-tale sign that it shouldn’t be your LinkedIn profile pic.


The “You, Guest-Starring: Your Kitty” Pic

The only way you could possibly pull this on off is if you’re a vet, and even then, you have to put some effort into it.  If you have a pic of you in sweats, chilling on the couch, hugged up next to your favorite furry feline, you’ll get all the Facebook love you want with that one but avoid heading to LinkedIn!


The Default Silhouette Profile Pic

LinkedIn says people are seven times more likely to click on your profile when you have a profile pic.  If you want profile views, this is a no-brainer.  Plus, not having a profile pic at all says one of two things. You’re either brand new to LinkedIn, or you didn’t think it was important enough to bother finishing your profile.  Either way, nothing good will come of that.

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